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Hubei Qiu's energy saving building materials

Hubei Qiu's Energy-saving Building Materials High-tech Co。, Ltd。 (abbreviation: Qiu's High-tech Co。, Ltd。) is a Taiwan-funded enterprise founded by Qiu (Hubei) Coating Co。, Ltd。, a wholly-owned Taiwanese-invested enterprise in 2013, with enterprise restructuring, transformation and upgrading, and asset restructuring。 In 2014, it was listed on the Wuhan Equity Exchange Center of Hubei Province (share code 100248)。 In 2015, it was awarded the “High-tech Enterprise Certificate” by Hubei Province。 It is an integrated service enterprise specializing in R&D。。。


Green, ecological and environmental protection
Building insulation coatings


  • 60 years of new journey

    60 years of new journeyOn September 15, 2018, Qiu's high-tech new factory was completed, new product release and CCTV's old story "Industrial Craftsman Spirit" was 。。。MORE>>

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  • New opportunities in the industry? The 10 billion-level building insulation and structural integration market has arrived!
    New opportunities in the indus... More than a decade ago, in response to the national energy conservation call and the protection of residential...
  • Qius high-tech new factory completed new product release and CCTV launching ceremony
    Qius high-tech new factory com... On the morning of September 15, Hubei Qiu's Energy-saving Building Materials High-tech Co。, Ltd。 held a new factory 。。。
  • The reason why the real stone paint drops the sand
    The reason why the real stone ... Real stone paint is widely used in the building decoration industry because of its environmentally friendly material, lo。。。
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